Dear Reader,


“It is only proper that we hand on to future generations the architectural and spiritual legacy inherited from our great predecessors. And in this case, we can boldly embrace all we have received from Péter Pázmány,” wrote Cardinal Péter Erdő, Primate and Archbishop, in his 2011 dedication to the introductory volume of the modern history of the Pázmáneum. This website has a similar purpose.
The Collegium Pázmáneum is a seminary of the Archdiocese of Esztergom-Budapest, currently operating as a house of study and a guest house. When there are no seminarians, we welcome young Catholic lay persons who have been recommended by their parish priests or catechists. The institution still has the character of a seminary since its main task continues to be, beside the training of priests, the training of the Catholic élite as well as the promotion of Catholic culture. We have a not-too-strict, but well-established daily schedule of Mass and the divine office. At the same time, we host musical, literary, and art events as well as commemorations and celebrations. As Cardinal Erdő expressed himself on the occasion of the celebration of the 380th anniversary of the foundation of the Pázmáneum in 2003: “The Collegium Pazmanianum is the Viennese embassy of the Archdiocese of Esztergom and of the Hungarian Catholic Church.” By starting this website, we hope to comply further with this mission.
Visitors to this site are encouraged to become familiar with the history of the Pázmáneum, to connect with its present, and to feel called to a future to which every church institution, and especially the life of every Christian, gives witness. In this way, with the help of the Internet, the inscription above the entrance to our chapel is now visible from a greater distance. Only virtually, it is true, but hopefully it will still find its way into the hearts of many. These words are for all: “The Master is here and He calls you.” (Mk.10,49). It is for us to discover just which activity, service or lifestyle He is calling us to, but one thing is sure, He is calling us. If I do hear Him and act accordingly, then I follow Him, and to follow Him is what He is calling us to do. For the Kingdom of God is present among us. It is for us, too, an attainable and achievable life. I hope the Pázmáneum and its virtual equivalent, this website, will help every Visitor on his way.

János Varga