Dear Reader,


„It is appropriate that we pass the spiritual and built heritage of our great ancestors to the new generations following us ” – written by Péter Ernő Cardinal, Primate, Archbishop in the recommendations of the book presenting the modern history of Pazmaneum in 2011.

This website has the same aim. Collegium Pazmaneum is the Seminar of Archdiocese Esztergom-Budapest which currently operates as a study- and guesthouse.

When there are no seminarians, we welcome civil catholic young persons with recommendation of their pastors, parsons or their religious leaders. The institution has the characteristic of a seminar henceforth, since its main task beside training of priests is the training of Catholic elite, and the subservience of church culture.

We have a not too strict but determined agenda with mass and chant. We host musical, literary, artistic events, commemorations and feasts at the same time.

„ The Collegium Pazmanianum is the Viennese embassy of the Esztergom-Budapest Archdiocese and the Hungarian Church.” – said by Erdő Péter at the ceremony of the 380th anniversary of Pazmaneum’s foundation in the year of 2003.

We would like to fulfill this mission partly by starting this website.

Those who visit the website should get acquainted with the past of the Pazmaneum, latch on to its present and will be invited to its future, from which all church institutions and responsible Christian people give evidence of.

The inscription above the entrance of the Chapel can be seen farther now with the help of Internet. Only virtually, but hopefully it will hit the heart of many people.

These words are for everybody: „The Master is here, and calls you!” (cf. Mk 10, 49)

We have to discover what kind of activity, service and lifestyle he calls us, but it is sure to call us. And if I can hear him and I act accordingly, I follow him and he calls onto his following. Because the Land of God is between us, and can be reached for all of us, and it is a feasible life program for everyone.

I hope that this place, Pazmaneum, and its virtual equivalent, this website will guide all kind „Visitors”.

János Varga