Directions to the Pázmáneum


Adress of the Collegium Pázmáneum

Boltzmanngasse 14, Vienna, 1090 Austria,

GPS: lat. 48.22227097515748, long. 16.356518268585205

Traffic information:

How to go to Vienna from the airport

Arrival by car

Approaching Vienna on the A4 highway from Budapest, continue driving straight on (don’t turn off the highway) and follow the ZENTRUM signs.

Version ‘A’: Take road no. 227 on the right side of the Danube Canal (Donau-Kanal) and drive until you see the sign: “Votivpark”. Go straight on at every crossroad, 7 altogether, (this means there are seven bridges you will pass, not including the first one, which is for pedestrians and bicycles and a railway bridge, which goes over the road). From the left, when you can see on the other side of the Danube canal the decorative brick police building with its towers, you will see the sign Votivpark on a red background. Turn left there (2 lanes turn left) across the bridge (this is the 8th bridge altogether) and immediately get into the right lane. Go straight up as far as the corner before the Votive Church (Votivkirche), and there turn right at the traffic lights onto Währinger Strasse. After the crossroads with traffic lights, there is a side street on the right and two small ones on the left side, then before the next set of lights, on a small square where there stands an obelisk like statue (with the inscription: PLUS LUCIS Dr Carl Freiherr Auer von Welsbach), there is a Y-intersection. Here turn right onto Boltzmanngasse. At the single junction continue into the “cul-de-sac”, where the Pázmáneum is situated on the right.

Version ‘B’ – only recommended if the Danube Canal road is completely blocked: come the same way on road 227 on the right side of the Danube Canal, and at the third bridge – Aspernbrücke – turn left (before you reach it you can see the canal split with the Urania Observatory on the opposite side and the modern UNIQA building on this side; note there is only one lane for turning! From there, drive right round the Ring, then when you see the Votivkirche on the left (careful, at this point the Ring itself takes a sharp turn to the right), get into the left lane and turn (there are 2 lanes for turning), and you’re in Währingerstrasse. From here, after the third set of traffic lights, there is a side road to the right and two small side roads to the left, then at the Y junction turn right, see above. Whatever your GPS says or shows, absolutely the only way to enter Boltzmanstrasse is from the Votive Church and Währinger Strasse or Sensegasse. Because of the US Embassy building, the street is closed immediately after the Pázmáneum. Enhanced police / security controls are therefore continuous. If there is a wait for the gate to be opened, and a guest who is arriving cannot immediately drive in, it is not unusual for the policeman to come up and have a word with the driver or send them away. Leaving a vehicle unattended with the motor running, even for just a few minutes, either locked or open, is strictly prohibited. In the yard of the Collegium it is forbidden to leave your car engine running for any length of time. Thank you for your understanding.

Arrival by train

Trains arriving from Budapest do not go into Westbahnhof. It is best to get off at Hauptbahnhof.
From Hauptbahnhof:

  • take metro line U1 to Karlsplatz, and from there line U-2 to Schottentor. There in the underpass you can catch any tram and get off at the second stop.


  • take a tram marked ‘D’ to the stop at Schottentor, and there on the same level as the Metro station change to any tram and travel 2 stops to get to Boltzmanngasse.

Arrival by bus

From the bus stop at Erdberg:

Metro line U3 to the stop Wienmitte, then change to metro line U4 to Friedensbrücke, from there take the number 5 tram to Währinger-Nussdorfer intersection. From there cross to the left and at the first, turn left, then left again, the Pázmáneum’s gate will be to the right of the American Embassy railings.

In Vienna, one ticket allows you to travel in one direction for one and a half hours. (That is, on the same line, within 90 minutes you have to validate a ticket again for the return journey.)