Here are two prayers for these times…

Prayer originating from an Iraqi Christian brother:

 ”Almighty God and Heavenly Father! You created Man in your own image and likeness. You have entrusted the world to us, but you have also entrusted us to the service of one another. With the help of the Holy Spirit, may an end be put to the mindless chase after power and possessions in the world, so that people, in the absence of war and fear, can live safely in their homelands, building the world entrusted to us by God and serving one another in their families and in their vocations – just as Your Holy Son showed us how to serve. May there be a cease to the killing and the exploitation, to the atrocities committed under the guise of distorted teachings, and may there come about a blessed peace. May all people be able to live and work in their own homes without persecution, and may schools be opened so that children can once again study. May people be able to return to their abandoned homes and to rebuild their ruined churches. Let not violence and hatred guide a humanity redeemed by the blood of Your Holy Son, but service, love, sacrifice, and humility. Amen.”

Almighty and eternal Father, the fate of mankind is in Your hands, and it is You who you impose the rights of peoples: look kindly upon us, whose future and happiness was placed by our first saintly king into the hands of Your Holy Son’s Mother, Our Blessed Lady.
Look upon us your people living in times of crisis, and bestow on us Your Holy Spirit that with His help we may all see the path of truth, build up the unity of our nation, and serve for its benefit.
O Lord, grant to our leaders the necessary wisdom and a determined, strong will to promote social justice and a dignified life for all people, according to your heart’s intent.
Enlighten us and support us, that following the example of our saints and great leaders, we may feel responsible for our homeland and for the needy.
We ask you to bless our daily efforts that they may be to Your glory and for our prosperity.
Blessed Mother of Hungarians, Our Lady of Csíksomlyó, St Michael the Archangel, King Saint Stephen, Saint László, St. Elizabeth, St. Margaret, pray for us to Our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


Bearing in mind that the chapel of the Pázmáneum is dedicated to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, there is a place here for two prayers for those living the Church’s two sacramentally consecrated states of life: families and priests. These prayers can be freely distributed, and, more especially, included in your own prayers.

Dedication of the Family to the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Most Sacred Heart of Jesus! When we honour Your infinite love and the goodness You show toward us, then we are filled with deep gratitude and encouraged to love in return. We would like to fulfil the invitation extended to all of us through St Margaret Mary Alacoque to achieve Your love in our families, and so we offer ourselves to You. To this end, we also ask for the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Joseph. Let our family, like the Holy Family of Nazareth, be the home of faith, love, prayer, honesty, work, order, harmony and peace! To You, Jesus, we offer up all the trials, joys and events of our family life. With confidence we ask You to shower blessings on all members of the family: those here present, those absent and the deceased! We recommend them all irrevocably to the protection of Your Most Sacred Heart. Guide our actions and be a constant protector in all of our affairs! In our prayer we include all the families of the world, and for each of them we ask for the patronage of Your Sacred Heart. Keep spouses in unity and faithfulness. Protect expectant mothers and their unborn children! Safeguard little children taking their first steps, school children and all youth! Be the strength of the sick, the support of elderly, abandoned people, the guardian of widows, the father of orphans. Keep watch in every family over the sick and dying! Be with us, we beseech You, at the hour of our death! Be our guardian, our shelter and our final consolation! Let all of our loved ones be united in Your heavenly home and for eternity let us be together in Your Most Sacred Heart!

Prayer for Priests
Lord Jesus Christ, Eternal High Priest! Keep your priests in the shelter of your Sacred Heart, where they can come to no harm. Purify their consecrated hands, which daily touch your Holy Body. Purify their lips, on which your precious Holy Blood flows red. Purify their hearts which you have stamped with the sign of your glorious priesthood, that they may not be attached to material possessions. O Jesus, help them grow in love for you and loyalty to you so that they do not cling to the things of this Earth. As well as the power to change the bread and wine, give them also the power to change their hearts. Bless their devoted works and let them bear abundant fruits. Grant them in good time the crown of eternal life.